AliExpress Order Closed? Here Is the REAL Reason

AliExpress Order Closed

Have an AliExpress order closed recently? You are in the right place. Let me guess…

  • You feel panicked
  • No one else seems to have this problem
  • You can’t find answers

Take a deep breathe because it’s going to be ok. Keep reading because I have a solution to this problem.

AliExpress Order Closed

I Had My AliExpress Order Closed Several Times

When I first began having success with AliExpress dropshipping, my entire business almost fell apart because of having an AliExpress order closed (actually many of them were closed)

I had just resigned from my job and had a wife and three kids to support. I was getting around $2,000 daily in sales and things were going well.

All of that changed when I noticed that 70 of my orders had been closed. I was using Dropified at the time and I had to go back and process all 70 orders again. A few days went by and all 70 orders were closed again.

In the meantime, I continued to get new orders. A lot of those orders were getting closed as well. I searched high and low for answers but no one seemed to be speaking out about this problem.

I turned off all of my ads and was about ready to quit. But I didn’t (thankfully). Instead I figured out the reasons you may have an AliExpress order closed. I also found a software solution that completely changed the game for me when it comes to dealing with closed AliExpress orders.

Why Is My AliExpress Order Closed

So what causes you to have an AliExpress order closed? I am only aware of three reasons why you can have an AliExpress order closed. The first two are relatively easy to fix, the third can only be managed.

Reason #1 – You Need To Verify Your ID on AliPay

If this is your first time having your AliExpress order closed, then you probably just need to verify your identity with AliPay and AliExpress. This is a relatively easy process.

Anytime I open a new AliExpress account, the first thing I do is verify my identity on AliPay. They will require you to do this at some point, so it’s best to do at the start.

To do that, go to and go to your profile. Check to see if your account has a link to verify your identity. If not, contact live chat support at AliExpress and request a link to verify your identity.

Let them know you are a dropshipper and that you had an AliExpress order closed. They should be able to help you out.

You will be asked to submit identification such as a copy of your passport, the front and back of your driver’s license and your social security card. Don’t worry, this is completely normal.

Some people suggest that you blur out the numbers on your license or social security card, but from my experience they will not accept it if you do that. They need to see everything to truly verify your identity.

Reason #2 – You Need To Verify Your Credit Card

If you are paying with a credit card (which you should be so that you can get rewards), then you will have to verify your credit card. Sooner or later you will get an AliExpress order closed if you haven’t done this.

The bad news is that you really can’t verify you credit card ahead of time as far as I know. You can only verify it after you have had an AliExpress order closed.

To submit an appeal, go to your “My Orders” page. At the top of the page will be a red button that says “My Appeal”. Click on it to submit your AliExpress appeal.

You will have to send them pictures of your credit card, ID, and bank statement. It normally takes about 2-3 business days to get approved.

People swear that you can get them to approve you faster by contacting Live Chat and asking them to speed up the process. I am not convinced that this works, but it is worth a shot.

I have had to verify my credit card multiple times on a single account. So do not be surprised if you have another AliExpress order closed and need to verify your card again.

Two Lies And A Truth

If you search online for help with an AliExpress Closed Order, you will find two myths being passed around.

First, many people say that verifying your ID and credit card will put an end to closed orders on AliExpress. The truth is I continue to have closed orders even to this day. And I have verified my cards multiple times as well as my identity.

Secondly, you will hear people say that paying with Ali Pocket will prevent you from having closed orders. Again, this is not true. I have had closed orders even when I used Ali Pocket.

And that leads me to the truth, which is that there is a third reason you can have an AliExpress order closed.

Reason #3 – Your Customer’s Name Can Lead To Having An AliExpress Order Closed

Most times I want to beat my head against the wall talking to AliExpress customer service. But one time I actually got a helpful piece of advice.

I was told that certain customer names will cause you to have an AliExpress order closed. This is the reason that I continued to have orders closed even after I verified my information and started using Ali Pocket.

She said that if a name has been flagged by AliExpress then any order being shipped to that name will automatically be closed.

The workaround that I have found is to find the customer who is triggering security and edit the customers first name. I do this by adding “NA” after the first name. So for example, instead of “John Doe”, I will change it to “John NA Doe”.

Narrowing Down The Culprit

But if you have 70 orders closed at once, how do you know which name is causing you to have your AliExpress order closed? The only way to know this is to pay for orders in smaller groups and see which order keeps getting closed.

For example, instead of paying for 70 orders at once, you will want to break those 70 orders into groups of 10. This ensures that if you have another AliExpress order closed, it will only affect 10 orders instead of 70.

On your next go round, you pay for those 10 orders individually. If any order continues to give you problems then you know which person is causing you to have your AliExpress order closed.

Once you have found the name causing you to have your AliExpress order closed, you simply need to change the name a little by adding NA behind the first name.


All of that takes a lot of time! I was spending hours reordering products. If I was going to continue having to deal with closed orders, I needed a solution that would help me deal with it as quickly as possible.

That is when I heard about something called Nimble.

Keeping My Sanity When I have My AliExpress Order Closed

Nimble is a software that truly automates your ordering process. Oberlo and Dropified are great, but it can still take hours to process orders each day. And if you are dealing having your AliExpress order closed, then you know it can take hours to correct using those programs.

The way Nimble works is that it automatically places orders on AliExpress as soon as they come in. Whether you are logged into your computer or asleep in bed, it will continue to place orders for you.

Then, when you are ready to pay for your orders, you simply log into Nimble and select the orders you want to pay for. You can pay up to 70 orders at a time and be done in a matter of minutes.


However, one of the biggest reasons I love Nimble so much is because of how much time it saves me when dealing with AliExpress closed orders.

Now when I see 70 orders that have been closed, I don’t panic at all. I simply open up Nimble and pay for them again (because they have already been reordered). But this time I pay for them in small batches to help me pinpoint the name that might be trigger the closed orders.

(Click the button below to get a special 14-Day trial of Nimble. Disclosure: This is an affiliate link meaning I get a small commission if you choose to purchase Nimble. But don’t worry, it doesn’t increase your cost and I only recommend products I know will benefit you.)

AliExpress Closed Order

  • André says:

    This is gold!

    • Jared says:

      Hi Andre, glad you found it helpful. I looked and looked for this information when I was first starting out and no one else seemed to be having this problem. Glad it help.

  • Becky says:

    I am having the same issue. I verified my account and my card but I have a customer that I’ve tried 3xs now to purchase the item (for drop shipping) and it keeps getting closed. Even when using Alipocket. It’s very frustrating!

    • Jared says:

      Have you tried changing their first name and adding “NA” at the end of it? This is what I had to do on some of my customers.

  • You have brought up a very great points, thanks for the post.

  • Muhammad Bari says:

    Ali express deduct money on my credit card and closed my order

    • Jared says:

      Hi Muhammad. Normally what you are actually seeing is a “hold” placed on your card at the time of the transaction. But if the order is closed, the hold is typically “released” after a few days. Check your account in a few days and you should see the charge disappear.

      • Fay says:

        I paid for a product for a customer using the Customer’s address and my credit card, the payment was successful but I checked the Aliexpress account and i saw order closed, my bank deducted the said amount from my bank account the next day but the Aliexpress app still says order closed. Please what do i do?

        • Jared says:

          Hi Fay, normally the transaction will completely disappear from your bank in a few days and you’ll see that no money was actually taken out.

  • George says:

    AliExpress take my money from credit card but item is closed 🙁

    • Jared says:

      Hi George. You’ll typically notice that the transaction disappears from your bank account within 3-4 days and the money is returned to your account. If you notice that it is never returned, then you can dispute the charge with your bank.

  • Achmad Sofyan says:

    I paid my order with Doku wallet, and i still get “Closed Order”

  • Stefan says:

    Hi, I found that my order kept getting closed when I tried to use my 3$ welcome voucher on a 4.50$ article. As soon as I removed the voucher, the transaction went through.

  • Pallavi says:

    Hey jared
    Thnks for infkrmation but i want to now how i get refund
    Becahse it showing me that your order has been closed

    • Jared says:

      The order will disappear after a few days. So, in the end, they actually don’t charge you. It can be hard to track sometimes especially if you have multiple charges from AliExpress coming out at the same time. It’s hard to keep track of if they actually charged you or not.

  • prideaux says:

    what’s this crazy order closing cr*p !? is it the vendor closing it ? is it AliExpress closing it ? I got closed and it said order not shipped by vendor by such and such date .. yeah.. so what ?

    • Jared says:

      It’s very frustrating. However, it’s not the vendor’s fault. It is all done by AliExpress. Be sure to verify your account and if you continue to have problems with one particular order, try changing the name.

  • Silas says:

    I ordered for a product on aliexpress and payment was successful of which my bank account was debited yet my order was closed. Help me out.

  • Irfan says:

    Hi I have got this reply from Ali express
    Thank you for shopping on AliExpress !

    We are sorry to inform you that for system reason, this process cannot be continued. After cancellation, you will receive the refund within 3-20 business days or confirm with bank if any delays.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Can you please tell me what is wrong with this ?

    • Jared says:

      It’s just telling you they’ve closed the order. Are you already verified with them? Have you tried the suggestions in my article?

  • Terrell says:

    I spent a great deal of time to find something like this

  • You’re article is very helpful and useful. my first order was closed and now they say 3-5 business days. it’s very frustrating. how long will it take for the order to open again? on oberlo it says it is processing. if the order opens again, will my card be automatically charged for the products or do I have to fulfill it again via oberlo?

    • Jared says:

      Thanks. Glad it’s helpful. Let me know if you have any other topics you’d like me to discuss. If the order is closed, it won’t open again. You will need to place the order again. Make sure you’ve followed the steps to verify your identity if you haven’t already done that. Oberlo will eventually notice the order has been closed. You’ll need to order it again and connect it to oberlo manually if they don’t do it automatically.

  • MAXWELL says:

    hi. i just opened a new account and placed a $50 dollar order on a phone screen for myself. the amount has been deducted from my card but aliexpress says my order has been closed. please can you help me on how to go about it? i really need my money back.

    • Jared says:

      If the order is closed, you should see the charge disappear from your account in a few days. Please note that you won’t see a refund in your account because they won’t actually charge the account.

  • Sadeeq Rabo A says:

    Hi Jared, i make two (2) orders last week. One is being shipped while the other is to be shipped.
    I make another 3 orders yesterday but when i check the status today, it shows closed. What is the solution to my problem, please. I really need the orders urgently. Thanks & regards

    • Jared says:

      Have you already submitted your ID and verified your identity with AliExpress? If not, you’ll need to do this first or you’ll continue to have this problem.

  • anamaria says:

    hello! my order was closed , will i get the money back that i paid in the first place ?

    • Jared says:

      Yes, you should. You’ll see a debit for the amount of the purchase for a few days. However, it should remain in “pending” status and then disappear eventually.

  • Andrew says:

    Hi Jared,

    Thanks for this post it is really helpful. I recently had my orders closed even though I had a fully verified account with Aliexpress. The reason the orders were closed was: We are sorry to inform you that for system reason, this process cannot be continued. After cancellation, you will receive the refund within 3-20 business days or confirm with bank if any delays.

    I tried your method above by adding “NA” in between the customer’s name and it worked perfectly! The order payment was processed without any issues

    Do you know of any circumstances when adding “NA” to the customer name does not work? Would love to hear from you. Thanks!

    • Jared says:

      Hi Andrew. I’m not sure if there are times when it doesn’t work. I always seemed to have success with this method. However, this is the process I was already approved like you are. I supposed if someone has a closed order it could be because they haven’t already done the other steps mentioned to be approved first. Glad you found it helpful. Are there any other topics you would like me to discuss?

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